The Role of the Showing Agent

The search for your next dream home is a wonderful adventure and finding it is a special thrill. Sometimes it seems to find you – opportunity knocks, you happen to drive by at just the right time – but more often you must take action and pursue your goal.

Your Showing Agent specializes in finding and seeing homes which fit your criteria. They share the adventure with you and they save you a lot of time. We like to call it kissing fewer frogs. And remember, Showing Agents are FREE. Buyers pay no commission.

Those Callaways Showing Agents are in and out of hundreds of homes each week. Because this is all they do, they know the properties, and they know the market. They know when a new listing is coming on the market and often get you in first. They know how to help you tune your criteria and they know how to think outside the box because that perfect home for you – the one that feels just right – might not be what or where you first imagined. Like we said it’s a wonderful adventure and we are at your service.

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