The Role of the Field Agent

Once you have signed up to sell your home with Those Callaways, you can rest assured that our Field Agents will take care of your home just as if it was their own.

Our Field Agent will install and replenish both your indoor and outdoor flyers.

Is the home vacant? Are you leaving town? No problem. Our field agents are all over The Valley every day and will stop by your home.  We have a checklist in hand when we stop and we make sure everything is checked twice. Our Field Agent ensures the home is secure, that there are no leaks or infestations, the pool is blue and the lawn looks its best.

When you are buying, our Field Agent attends every appointment while your home is in escrow.  When your home closes, our Field Agent is there for the final walk-through.

Do you need any services or repairs? Our Field Agents will help facilitate these and if needed, we’ll be there to meet the painter, the roofer, the A/C repairman or whoever else may be there.