You can search our Homes for Sale and Open House Listings. You’ll find virtual tours, flyers, past ads, addresses and times you can see homes on your own. If you want searches done for you, we offer free MLS by email. You can drive by yourself, check out the neighborhoods and decide which homes you want to see inside. You can even schedule an online Viewing Appointment for any of our Active Listings. If you want to be shown a number of homes, we offer online free Criteria Search where your needs are matched to a compatible showing agent. And remember, Showing Agents are FREE. Buyers never pay a commission. Even if you don’t register, you’ll find the form insightful and revealing. Did you know that buyers of real estate often end up with a total stranger representing them? It’s true. How you select an Agent of Choice can make all the difference. And when you buy your home you may do your own research. Our Buyer Advisory lists 82 websites where you can investigate everything from Air Quality to Zoning. Your Showing Agent can get you answers too. They often know just who to call. It’s all part of being at your service. For information about roads, water, police and fire services, and more, visit the Arizona Department of Real Estate’s site and read the Homebuyers Bill of Rights.

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