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Please Don’t Forget The Army

This week marked the official start of spring and with that comes spring cleaning for some people.  Our staff, friends, and family are no different and were busily going through their homes looking for things they no longer wanted or needed.
Those Callaways have worked very hard for a long time promoting the good work of the Salvation Army throughout the country.  This charity has a world class drug and alcohol treatment center right here in Phoenix and one thing they do to fund the programs is to collect donations of household goods and clothing for resale in their Family Stores.  Periodically, we will contact them and have a pickup at the office and this was the week.    We tell everyone when the truck is coming and they start their clean up.  It feels good to know that someone will benefit from these items as well as how good your closet or garage looks after the purge…Try it!
If  you or your business would like to arrange a pick up at your location please call…The Salvation Army   (602) 267-4100

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