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Billy Jensen

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter introducing Joseph and JoAnn Callaway. I have had the privilege of knowing them for over twenty years. I have worked with countless real estate professionals in numerous states over the course of my career and I have never met two individuals who are as hard-working, professional, caring, and committed as the Callaways. They have always put their “Clients First” in all matters.

Their approach to life and business is second to none. Their dedication to their clients has resulted in countless referrals and repeat business over the life of their careers. There are just so many superlatives to describe JoAnn; she is competent, confident, honest, and conducts her business with the utmost integrity.

The Callaways work long hard hours ensuring that each client receives the same fair and first-class service. They tell you what they are going to do and then they do exactly that. They have systems in place to handle the tremendous volume of business. I marvel at how each team member is charged with carrying out their respective responsibility and that all take great care that each client’s needs are met. They have generously shared their personal and professional success with many.

We are in a very tough competitive business, but unlike other Agents, JoAnn has never once asked for anything special or out of the ordinary. Those Callaways are a true partner and I am honored to be their friend and Fidelity National Home Warranty is privileged to have them as a long time customer.

On a very personal note, my family looks forward to receiving their annual Christmas Ornament to hang on our tree. One final thought, Joseph and JoAnn adore each other and the love they have for each other shines through at work and at home.

Simply put, I highly recommend “Those Callaways.”