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I am pleased to write this letter regarding my experience with Joseph and JoAnn Callaway, who are affectionately known as “Those Callaways.” I have been practicing law here in the Valley of the Sun for more than 30 years, and my practice is highly concentrated in the area of representing and defending real estate agents and companies who are the targets of professional malpractice claims and administrative disciplinary proceedings. I am also a licensed real estate instructor, presenting educational courses and providing consultation in the area of risk reduction and claims prevention. Thus I have some small experience by which to judge the professional skills of real estate licensees.

I have known the Callaways for at least 15 years. I originally had the pleasure of meeting them because, unlike most of my clients, Joseph and JoAnn are among the very select group of practitioners who seek out my advice and counsel before trouble strikes. They have consulted with me on many occasions over the years regarding transactional issues and they ask my advice on how to best represent their clients’ interests in unusual or hazardous situations.

As I came to know them better, I observed how they have refined and implemented the team concept so as to envelop their clients in a supportive cocoon of competent service. From the moment they are hired, their highly-trained team moves the client swiftly toward a successful closing, solving problems and overcoming obstacles smoothly and resourcefully. Having known and observed many hundreds of REALTORS® at work over the years, I am not easily impressed, but I will tell you, watching Those Callaways in action inspires a sense of awe. Their “Clients First” motto is abundantly evident from the moment a buyer or seller has the good fortune to make their acquaintance. Along with top-flight service, a brief glance at the superb quality of their marketing material reflects an elegance and sense of class that is the envy of their professional peers.

By writing their book, Joseph and JoAnn have done a great favor not only for all aspiring REALTORS®, but for all those whose goal is to succeed in any service-driven business. Producing it was a labor of love, and their warmth, wisdom and genuine humanity emanate from every page. Read it, and then gift it to a young person starting out in the world of business.