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Spot the Animal!

Dogs and cats are the most common culprits of sneaking into our photographers’ pics but this time a more indigenous desert dweller was perfectly complacent where he was.

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Day in the Life of A Those Callaways Photog

A day in the life of a Those Callaways photographer! You never know what you’re gonna find. This guy was very curious but lost interest quickly when he found out our photographer did not bring him and food.

Click on the photo below to scroll through more pics of the curious equus.


Ellie The Office Dog

We would like to introduce you to our newest team member, Ellie! She is a fluffy rambunctious Shih-tzu who loves spending time with her  Those Callaways co-workers. Sometimes she helps us with work (as much as an adorable puppy can) and sometimes she just falls asleep on our desks. Either way, she is a welcome new family member and a joy to have in the office with us!

Click on the photo below to scroll through all of Ellie’s office adventures.


Rain, Rain Don’t Go Away!

A welcome relief from the dry AZ summer, rainstorms have found us here at Those Callaways.

Click on our Rainy Day video below to see what we have been experiencing at the office!

What kind of unusual Arizona weather have you had in your neck of the woods? Visit us on Facebook and share your rainy day stories!






Are there more storms to come? See what AZ Central says about the impromptu storm cell bringing us all this water!


One Very Happy Videographer

Excitement was in the air the day the new video camera was scheduled to arrive. One of our videographers ripped the box open like a kid on Christmas morning. He even began filming the office. We can’t wait to see what our videographers can do with the new camera at beautiful homes and Joseph & JoAnn’s wonderful speaking engagements across the country. Watching the videos will make you feel like you’re there!



Ol’ Office Family Recipes

If you haven’t caught on from our past few post, here at Those Callaways we love food.
And we want to share our crowd favorite recipes with you!

Authentic Potstickers, Chocolate so good it could kill….


Sweets Week

Some of us may have gained weight, but we’re okay with it. Homemade “Death by Chocolate”, a mammoth Snickers bar and many other sweet treats make the mild weight gain and elevated blood sugar worth it. After all, it was just one week! Can’t wait for next year…

Homemade chocolate strawberry ice cream sandwiches and a gargantuan gummy bear are all here for you to see!





Temptation Island

Do You Dare?

Walking through the kitchen in our home office may not initially seem like a daunting task. However, when goodies occupy Temptation Island, a simple trip to the copy machine, past the homemade Raspberry Lemon Cake waiting to be eaten, can be quite difficult indeed.

From homegrown tomatoes to homemade toffee, see what other surprises have shown up on Temptation Island.




2012 Coronado Historic District Home Tour

25th Silver Anniversary Home Tour: Then & Now

Those Callaways participated in the company’s first Coronado Historic District Home Tour and Street Fair this Sunday, March 4, 2012. We were proud to showcase our listing on 516 E. Willetta St. in the East Evergreen Historic District of Phoenix, AZ. The home was held open just down the way from our Home Tour booth on Sheridan Street. The two beautiful 24in x 36in portraits of the home that we were excited to share at our booth portrayed the home’s historic beauty perfectly.

The gorgeous weather made for a wonderful day to be outside and we were excited to have giveaways that went like hotcakes. Over 70 vendors created an amazing array of diversity which included earthenware shops, jewelry boutiques, canine massage booths, acupuncture practitioners, candle-makers, real estate companies and photographers, just to name a few. To satisfy the palette, there were food vendors offering everything from fry bread to beef jerky and many things in between.

In addition to the wonderful vendors, Coronado presented its 2nd Annual Coronado Classic Car Show. One of the classic cars was parked right across the street from our booth and was a pleasure to look at.

We sincerely hope to be involved in next year’s event. It was a great opportunity to get out of the office and onto the street (pun intended) to meet the residents of one of the many Arizona neighborhoods in which we do our business. The opportunity to meet fellow Arizonans and visitors alike is second to none at community events like this and we enjoyed connecting with the community. We met many interesting individuals and made many memorable contacts with individuals looking to buy or sell homes and we’re thrilled to be able to help them.

The atmosphere of the Historic District Home Tour was a jovial one created by good food and good people.We can’t wait for next year!

** A special thank you to our agent Donna and her husband who manned our Those Callaways booth together and our agents Madeline and Melody who showed our home on 516 E. Willetta St. throughout the day.

Our beautiful home for sale in the East Evergreen Historic District is a serene Southwestern bungalow built in 1916 which would be wonderful for either residential or commercial purposes.

516 East Willetta Street, Phoenix, AZ















Back to School Supplies!

Our Callaway team members have big hearts and are generous beyond words.

With the new school year approaching, our thoughts turned to days gone by when our little ones first started school.  Excitement and anticipation filled the air as we shopped together for new clothes, new shoes and most importantly, those wonderful school supplies….a brand new back pack, notebooks, pencils and that fabulous box of freshly sharpened Crayola crayons!

We were all blessed to have been able to provide those things for our own children and this year we wanted to do something special for children in the Phoenix area who only dream of something new to take to class on their first day.

Word of our new endeavor quietly spread throughout the office and soon everyone was pitching in.  A special thanks to everyone at the Callaway office for donating enough money to purchase new backpacks, notebooks, markers, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, pens and pencils to give to needy children.

View more photos of the school supply drive and a behind the scenes look at how the American Legion Riders of Post 29 helped get the supplies ready for donation.


Post Office Food Drive


Everyone pitched in this year to bring boxes and boxes of food as a donation to the Post Office Food Drive.  We even raided the Callaway office kitchen (don’t tell) for coffee and other delicious morsels.

Actually Joseph and JoAnn graciously donated from their cupboards and we added items from our home pantries.  It’s a great feeling to help others and we try to take advantage of every opportunity to participate.

The next time your nice post-person asks for food donations, clean out your pantry, put down new shelf paper and re-organize!  You’ll feel better and someone will be very grateful for your donations.


Staff Blog Contest!


Joseph and JoAnn asked the staff to submit new ideas to make our blog even better and more informative.  Everyone participated with great ideas from content suggestions to artistic design elements.  Here is the winning video.

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