Gingerbread Houses 2010

Gingerbread MAIN


The Callaway team was asked to put their creativity in over-drive during the holiday season.  We were all handed a small starter box that included the supplies and baked gingerbread needed to erect a cozy gingerbread cabin with some sprinkles on top.


Of course, this quickly turned into a Callaway contest to see who would become the world’s best gingerbread architect!  Even though it seemed like a daunting task at first, everyone jumped on the gingerbread train and worked tirelessly to design and build their masterpiece.


The week of our Christmas party all the entries were beautifully displayed in our garden room for all to enjoy.   Wow, they were all amazing!  From the smallest house with minimalist décor, to houses that evoked fond childhood memories, to elaborate specimens that could hardly fit through our front door it was a sight to behold!


Clients, guests and staff returned time after time to take another closer look at all the intricate decorations. The winner of our contest was one of our newest staff members, Katie Jo, who brought in her vision of one of our million-dollar listings.


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