Haunting Halloween Party 2011


Ghosts and goblins were hard at work last week transforming the normally serene floral-filled garden room into a mysterious, somewhat ethereal space where hollow-cheeked skeletons and transparent spirits could make themselves right at home hoping to stop mortal hearts and elicit screams of delight at our annual Callaway Halloween luncheon.

In the tradition of all Callaway parties the doors were sealed and the windows were covered protecting us all from the ghoulish metamorphoses taking place behind the scenes.  Promptly at 1:00 on Thursday our hosts, Joseph and JoAnn, bravely broke the seal and the doors magically flew open to reveal a spine-chilling vision of bedazzled skeletons, eerie ghosts cloaked in flowing white shrouds and statuesque witches, warlocks and sorcerers.  The table decorations were enchanting and, after closer examination, not so scary as first perceived, alleviating any chance of residual nightmares for those faint-at-heart souls.

After a wonderful lunch the staff was asked to take part in our “Parade of Ghosts”.  Everyone had been previously instructed to use their imagination and create a “ghost on a stick” and bring it to the party.  You can see many of the entries here on the blog.  Our photographer, Aaron, won first place with his ghostly costume and matching “ghost on a stick”.  Congratulations to all the participants!

As always, we want to wish you and your family an exciting Halloween.  Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the cool weather that has finally arrived!

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