Birthday Bash 2012


This year’s Birthday Bash was greeted with the excitement and anticipation of a young child on Christmas morning!

Savory and sweet aromas filled every nook of the office as Chef Laura and her team worked their magic in the Callaway kitchen preparing our annual birthday luncheon.  The smell of our favorite home-made pretzel bread cooking in the ovens brought hungry onlookers rushing into the kitchen hoping to sample the delectable morsels, only to be turned away by a polite server.

At precisely 12:30 the doors to the garden room were opened and JoAnn and Joseph graciously welcomed everyone into a beautifully transformed space filled with fragrant summer flowers and meandering vines framing the tables and windows. Lots of conversation filled the next two hours along with a wonderful meal and several party contests that made us roar with laughter.

Everyone had fun taking photos of our pets in costume and having them displayed on the walls for all to see. Congratulations to all the winners of the staff pet photo contest and a big “Thank You” to Joseph and JoAnn for a relaxing afternoon filled with good food, great birthday presents and delightful banter among friends!

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