Realizing that being a part of Those Callaways means dedicating long hours serving our clients’ best interests in an ever-changing Real Estate environment, Joseph and JoAnn graciously show their appreciation to the staff each and every holiday.

Creating unique themed parties is one of JoAnn’s special talents and we are grateful for all the time and effort that goes into every perfect party.  Whether it’s a luncheon at the office or a grand dinner at a fine Valley resort, you can be sure it will be special.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our previous celebrations and we will post new ones soon.  We would also love to read your comments and to see your holiday photos too!

2015 Christmas Party_7582BOXChristmas Party 2015

Photos from our wonderful Callaway christmas party are coming soon!






 2015 Thanksgiving art27567806_BOXThanksgiving Luncheon 2015

From our table to yours, wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.






2015 Halloween_4788_89_90_91_t_LR BOXHalloween Party 2015

Yee-haw! Our Halloween party this year was less frightful and more fun! Check out our creative costumes!





2014-christmas-party_5179all_v4Christmas Party 2014

We raise our glasses to all who have helped us on our personal and professional journeys through 2014. Thank you! May you all have a happy holiday season and a bright new year!





2014 Halloween_2409TstageHalloween Party 2014

Our talented group of Those Callaways Team members performed in the first ever Those Callaways Got Talent!





2013 Christmas_Party_1893santaBOXChristmas Party 2013

With festive decor on the tables and exuberant feelings in the air, our beautiful Callaways Christmas party was filled with seasonal delights. As everyone gave out their Secret Santa presents one by one, “oohs”,  ”ahhs” and grateful thank you’s were  exchanged between joyous coworkers and friends. From a can of corn to classy cologne, nothing was off limits




2013Thanksgiving_1108tableBOXThanksgiving Luncheon 2013

From our table to yours, we wish you the very best of Thanksgivings. Click on the photo to view the album and video of our Thanksgiving and the amazing table at The Capital Grille set for thirty two and adorned with fresh holiday flowers.





2013 Halloween Party_5570_Heather_BLOGBOX2

Halloween Party 2013

We had an absolute blast at this year’s Halloween celebration. Dressed as duos, we all brought our skeleton counterparts to enjoy the celebration with us. View the album and the video to see the ghoulish Halloween decor and all of our creative costumes.




Christmas Luncheon 2012

This year’s Christmas celebration was full of fun, laughter and love for the Those Callaways family. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, with lots of rich food and exciting activities, topped with love and the company of friends and family.




Thanksgiving Luncheon 2012

With chocolate-covered apples, a warm fire crackling in the fireplace and much appreciation shared by our team, Thanksgiving was warm and happy for Those Callaways. We sincerely hope that your day of giving thanks was filled with good food and feelings of togetherness.





Halloween Pumpkin Luncheon 2012

Food was eaten, fun was had and quality time with friends was enjoyed. We were joined by 23 extraordinary pumpkins carved, painted and dressed up. Check out the gallery of gorgeous gourds and their makers!





12 July4th_2970 BOX 2

4th of July 2012

From finger-lickin’ barbecue to warm apple pie, our Independence Day luncheon celebrated the red, white and blue in classic American style. We gathered, we ate, we laughed and we shared stories around the long garden room table that we’ve all become so comfortable seated at.





Birthday Bash 2012

This year’s birthday bash was fragrant from both beautiful flowers and good food. Everyone was together again to celebrate Jo Ann’s birthday and join in the celebration to enjoy all of our birthdays together. Our garden room was elegantly transformed into what seemed like an actual garden with fresh summer blooms growing from every corner, decorated with denim and lace accents.




Crimson Christmas 2011

Our Christmas party was a winter wonderland filled with crimson Christmas trees, amazing table decorations, aromatic evergreen wreaths and snow flocked windows that revealed a herd of reindeer peering in from the outdoor patio, a heart-stopper for sure!





Thanksgiving 2011

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at La Torretta where we were treated like royalty and made to feel right at home.  Beautifully adorned tables and fresh cut flowers set the tone for a delicious meal with all the trimmings followed by a selection of delectable desert choices and lots of good conversation.





Halloween 2011

A black and white themed party hosted by ghosts was frightfully delightful! The normally serene floral-filled garden room was transformed into a mysterious space where skeletons and could make themselves right at home, hoping to stop mortal hearts and elicit screams of delight at our annual Callaway Halloween luncheon.




4th of July 2011

The BBQ ribs were the star of our 4th of July luncheon. As always, it was so much fun to take a short break from work and enjoy the company of the Callaway team reminiscing about how we celebrated July 4th as children and sharing our plans for this year’s holiday weekend.  We are forever thankful for our American liberty and always mindful of the sacrifices it has taken to secure those freedoms.




Birthday Bash 2011

Sunny days in May are perfect for Callaway birthdays. Instead of celebrating each staff member’s birthday individually, it has long been a Callaway tradition to have one colossal celebration in May for everyone at the office. This year’s luncheon was a wonderland of vibrant fresh-cut flowers, cheery yellow table settings and clever decorations dipped in Tiffany blue.




Easter 2011

The 2011 Easter luncheon was bright and colorful filled with romantic red tulips and chocolate eggs. Spending time with friends and good food made us feel as relaxed as the cute little bunnies that can be seen hopping from shrub to shrub outside of our office, seeking sanctuary under the arms of sharp cacti and, for the most part, taking life easy as they enjoy our warm Arizona sun.




Gingerbread Houses

A creative fun project quickly turned into a Callaway contest to see who would become the world’s best gingerbread architect! The collection of completed houses was a sight to behold! From minimalism to nostalgia, these creative gingerbread abodes rose above expectations and spanned the gamut of dwelling designs.




Christmas 2010

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays! Our enchanting luncheon was a much needed break from the Callaway Christmas chaos that ensues every year. A plethora of unusual secret Santa presents and a handmade quilt for every staff member made the holiday luncheon a wonderful time to relax, rejoice and enjoy the season and the company.




Thanksgiving 2010

Cooler days and a delicious luncheon ushered in our holiday season. Carrying on the Callaway tradition of standing to reveal our most precious blessings of the past year, we shared all the things in our lives that we were thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day in 2010.




Halloween 2010

Ghosts, ghouls, witches and wizards all showed up for 2010 Halloween done right! We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed playing games and listening to some rather ghostly stories.  This Halloween party earned its place as one of our top ten celebrations. Whether you had a grand costume party or a quiet evening at home with a cauldron full of goodies, we hope you all had lots of fun this Halloween!




Birthday Bash 2010

Our celebration was so exciting, it brought the house down. We wait the whole year for our birthday cake and presents and we always find a way to share our celebration with our clients by asking them to participate in a fun contest to win a great prize. 2010 was the year of the iPad!

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