Those Callaways 2010

Halloween Trick or Treat Contest

This contest ended October 31, 2010.


Thank you all for Trick or Treating with us for our Halloween Contest. As always, we hope you enjoyed our contest as much as we did.

Instead of three winners, four entries were treated because they all guessed the exact same measurement and within just one inch of the target! William O. of Phoenix, Julia O. of Fountain Hills, Shannon R. of Colorado Springs and Dave K. of Omaha all guessed an amazingly close 167 feet and 9 inches, only one inch off from the true total of 167 feet and 8 inches!

Thank you again,

Joseph and Jo Ann


Can you guess how tall we are as a total in feet and inches?

Wanting to stand tall for our clients, we measured everyone on the team and added them up.

Hint: There are 30 of us and if we were all just 5 foot tall, we would total 150 feet 0 inches tall…


The top 3 winners closest to the correct total will receive a new slideHD™ digital video recorder!


Our Halloween party was a scream!

Please enjoy the photographs we posted for you!

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  1. avatar From Email says:

    Dear Joseph and JoAnn,

    I must tell you I won one of the Flip Video Cameras last year and it has blessed my family. Shortly before winning the camcorder our son was born. We have recorded over 100 videos of his first year! Thank you so much for all the fun contests and cards you send. We always enjoy hearing from you.

    Shannon R.

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