Fall Contest

Those Callaways 2011 Fall Contest

This contest ended November 16, 2011.


Fashionable Fall Festivities

Style up your holidays by entering our Fashionable Fall contest!

Bring your imagination and wit to answer the question below and you could be our next lucky winner.  The prize will make you a star with your family and friends and will give you a well-deserved day out of the kitchen!

Answer this question: 

What is our Halloween card witch holding in her left hand and why?

Email your answer (25 words or less) to Contest@ThoseCallaways.com before Wednesday, November 16. Entries will be judged on imagination, originality and humor. Let your creativity run wild!

The winning entry will receive a $250 value Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Winning entry and runners-up will be posted on Thursday, November 17.


We want to thank everyone who participated in our Fall Contest this year!



You are all so creative that it made it very difficult to choose a winner.  We are sorry that the announcement came on Monday rather than Friday, but we wanted to take our time in reviewing all the wonderful entries. In fact, we just couldn’t choose only one winner so we ended up with First and Second Place Winners and four Honorable Mentions. Our lucky First Place Winner will receive $250 for a full turkey dinner! Our Second Place Winner will receive $150 and our multiple winners of Honorable Mention will receive $100 each.

PS: You guys are so good!!!


1st Place: Jessie C.


A spooky black CAT?

No… surely not THAT

Nor nasty creature with CLAWS.

Instead a true friend.

Who loves her despite her FLAWS!


2nd Place: Rosalia I.


Stylish witch, it seems

Holding a leash  belonging to cat “Moonbeams”,

Shopped for ingredients for Witch’s Brew.

Both hurry to restaurant lunch of Toad Stew!


Honorable Mention: Anne W.


Her husband’s leash. She changed him into a cat because cats’ hearing is 14 times better than humans. Sadly, 14 times zero is still zero.


Honorable Mention: Byron and Janne C.


The witch explains:

“Those Callaways knew what I wanted!

My leashed cat is scared, but I’m undaunted.

The house I’ve bought they say is haunted!”


Honorable Mention: Barb T.


The good witch, JoAnn, is holding the leash to her black cat, Joseph! Sometimes she has to keep him on a leash!

(Couldn’t resist. – JoAnn)


Honorable Mention: Jeff and Sheri R.


Halloween is spooky, it’s scary too.

Black cats are in fashion, BOO!

Spooking out houses, Those Callaways will sell.

Ensuring Thanksgiving is festive as well!


19 Responses to “Fall Contest”

  1. avatar Gary C. says:

    Wanda is holding a leash. She is walking her guide cat BLACKY(the hunchback cat). Wands is blind, but desperately wanted to go trick or treating. The lose of sight was caused when on one moonless night Wanda flew her broom into a CALLWAY home for sale sign. She forgot to witch where she was going.


  2. avatar Mike F. says:

    Unlike all of the snooty celeb’s with their “pretty little dogs”, she’s making the next fashion trend (answer removed)!

  3. avatar Joyce I. says:

    Do you mean the right hand? The left hand is a leash with a black cat (bad luck). I can get creative with the right hand but you got me on the left…..

  4. avatar Rose Marie S. says:

    She is holding a leash. Attached to the leash is a black cat. She is holing the leash so her enchanted cat will not run away and spoil her Halloween trick or treating costume.

  5. avatar RaBurta B. says:

    The witch has the leash for her cat in her left hand. She has to use her left hand for her cat because she carries a goodie Halloween bag in her right hand.

  6. avatar Peg K. says:

    In her left hand she holds a (answer removed),
    a stylish witch–decidedly not ghoulish!

    Still nothing is as frighteningly scary
    as my abilities culinary!

  7. avatar Vonnie T. says:

    A very black scared cat who knows the beautiful witch is about to take it to the humane society for lack of food to feed it and she will have donated candy for her dinner – unless that is, if we get together on some political issues

  8. avatar HELEN F. says:


  9. avatar Janis A. says:

    Attempting to be stylish,
    she could not hook up a dog.
    So kitty’s on the end of leash,
    looking scared and wet and odd.

  10. We love all of the imaginative entries we’ve been getting for our Fall Contest! We’ve received some answers in the form of comments on our blog and have posted them (above, with answers removed) for your enjoyment. We urge you to please email your entries to Contest@ThoseCallaways.com so we don’t miss any of your great entries! If you have already entered your answer in the form of a comment, please email us the same answer. Happy Haunting!

  11. avatar Kay F. says:

    The stylish witch is holding the leash for her “hairy” black cat which may be a bit foolish but definitely not ugly nor ghoulish.

  12. avatar Patricia C. says:

    Happy Halloween to all of you! I just wanted to let you know how adorable (not ghoulish) your Halloween Witch is…I really enjoyed looking at her during this beWitching season. I placed your card on my entrance console for all to enjoy as they entered my abode. The witch was right at home among the pumpkins, treat bowl with the black cats watching over them.

    Thank you so much for including me in your circle.
    Also, I appreciate the creativity involved in your contests and the great cards I have been receiving.

    Have a very Happy Halloween and be sure to eat a lot of treats..”diets Be Gone”

  13. avatar Linda B. says:

    She’s keeping her Black Cat from walking in front of anyone this year (BAD LUCK doesn’t fit her STYLE!)

  14. avatar Joan B. says:

    left hand

    the cat who is going to turn into prince charming

    at bewitching hour 12,o’colock midmight

  15. avatar Frances F. says:

    That cat is a world famous tracking cat looking for the keys to my house, they have been misplaced sometime in the past 10 months.

  16. avatar RICHARD B. says:

    The Witch is holding a green leash to a Witchie hungary
    black cat, very stylish I must admit.

  17. avatar Connie M. says:

    With her left hand she’s led by her luckiest puss,
    Making holiday shopping much less of a fuss

  18. avatar From Email says:

    Hello! Thank you so very much for choosing me to be the winner of your Fall Contest…I couldn’t be more excited or appreciative! On behalf of my family, THANK YOU!!! Is there anything I now need to do? Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Jessie C.

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