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2015 July 4th Contest (Winner Announced!)

It’s a digital world and we asked our clients to guess how many devices Those Callaways have as a team. There are 30 of us and we counted all our computers, smartphones, iPad’s, iPod’s, TV’s, smart DVR’s, alarms, even thermostats.

Our clients guessed the total for the chance to win a big red KitchenAid® Mixer!

Read the guidelines here.


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2015 Valentine Contest  (Winner Announced!)

We covered one side of one of our yard signs with Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts, only one level deep. Then, we counted them up and locked away the total, hoping our clients could guess the number!

Read the guidelines here.




2014 Labor Day Contest (Winner Announced!)

We asked each team member here at Those Callaways to add up the total hours they have worked in Real Estate. Then, we added their totals together to get our total team hours of Real Estate experience as of this Labor Day. Our clients have the opportunity to guess the total and the one who comes closest will win their own GoPro® Camera!!

Read the guidelines here.



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2013 Halloween Contest (Winner Announced!)

Whether you prefer guesstimation or precise evaluation, pick a number and you may win! Our 2013 Halloween Contest rules are up. Send us your contest entry as soon as you finish your clever calculations!

Read the guidelines here.



July Hotdog Fixin’s Contest (Winner Announced!)

Can your Hotdog Fixin’ win over the Those Callaways team?  Submit your favorite Hotdog Toppings Recipe and maybe it will be our favorite too!  The winner will receive a $250 Visa gift card and the coveted Callaway Best Hotdog Fixin’s trophy! Dont be afraid to get creative!

Read the guidelines here.



2013 Valentine’s Contest – Every Beat of Our Hearts

(Winner Announced!)

Some hearts beat quickly and some quite slowly. Our newest client contest is all about the hearts of the Those Callaways Team. You have followed the directions in your Valentine’s card from us and come to the right place!

Read the directions here and you could be our winner!



2012 Birthday Bash Pet Photo Contest (Winner Announced!)

Does your hare have an affinity for hats? Does your cat enjoy costumes? If the answer is yes then we want you to prove it. If the answer is no  and your pet is cute without adornment then we want you to prove that too. Enter our contest for a cash prize and maybe your pet can finally make up for all of the times it ate a piece of clothing, saw an open door and went out to have an adventure or just plain peed on your couch.

Read the guidelines here.



Fall Contest (Winner Announced!)

Style up your holidays by entering our Fashionable Fall contest! Win our Fashionable Fall Contest and you will welcome in the holidays with style!  Tap into your creativity and imagination and you are sure to shine in this contest.

Read the guidelines here.



July Contest (Winner Announced!)

Unleash your culinary creativity and join the celebration for our summer fun, fame and fortune recipe contest!  Test your kitchen prowess by wowing us with a hot dish, cold dish or dessert recipe.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Read the guidelines here.



2011 Birthday Bash Contest (Winner Announced!)

We hope everyone enjoyed this year’s Birthday Bash Contest! The lucky winner was A. B. from Scottsdale with his guess of 720, just one away from the correct answer of 721.  Amazingly there were 5 other entries that missed by 10 or less. Even though this exciting contest has ended we are always looking for great ideas to show our appreciation to clients. If you have any ideas for future contests we welcome your input!

Read the guidelines here.



St. Patrick’s Day Contest (Winner Announced!)

Our St. Patrick’s Day contest was fun with lots of close guesses.  The winner of the 100 lottery tickets was Mitchell R. of Phoenix, Arizona with his guess of 123,000 miles.  You can click on this link to see the contest details and find out the exact number of miles.  Thanks to all who participated and good luck in upcoming Callaway contests!

Read the guidelines here.



Trick or Treat Contest (Winner Announced!)

Our Halloween Party was a scream this year and the client contest was equally exciting with the top three winners slated to receive a new slideHD digital video recorder!  The correct answer was 167 feet, 8 inches.  We actually had four winners who all guessed the same measurement and within one inch of the correct answer!  Congratulations to William O. of Phoenix, Julia O. of Fountain Hills, Shannon R. of Colorado Springs and Dave K. of Omaha.

Read the guidelines here.



Valentine’s Day Contest (Winner Announced!)

Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day with sweets for the sweet.  This year we asked you to guess the total number of pets owned by all the Callaway team members (26).  With dinner for two at The Capital Grille and a dozen roses up for grabs, there was huge participation!  The correct answer was 78 and the lucky winner was Charles P. of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Congratulations!

Read the guidelines here.

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