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Who’s mortgage are you paying?

  Ask the average renter who’s mortgage they are paying and most will quickly correct you by saying, “Oh no. I don’t have a mortgage. I rent.” Some, when further challenged, might even speculate on whether their landlord has a mortgage or if they own the property free and clear. Let’s face it. If you […]

REALTORS® Expect Price Growth in Arizona

December 9th, 2013 Published in Housing Analysis, Market Trends, News and Numbers, The Economy

  REALTORS®  generally expect  a modest  increase in prices in the next 12 months , with the median expected price change at about 4 percent. This is based on responses gathered from the August-October 2013 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey. About 3,000 REALTORS ® respondents answer the survey each month. States in the West and in the South expect the […]

Phoenix: One City Where Home Prices Are Rising Fastest

August 27th, 2012 Published in Good To Know, Housing Analysis, News and Numbers, The Economy

CNN Money | Les Christie | May 30, 2012 The tide is already starting to turn in some U.S. housing markets, with home prices in these 10 metro areas expected to climb anywhere between 10% and 21% by the end of next year, according to Fiserv.   Yuma, AZ Median home price: $105,000 Drop since […]