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We Are Flying Our Flag High These Days!

TC Office_Flag_EDIT

Christmas 2016 at Those Callaways was especially nice.  Every year the staff go together and buy a gift for Joseph and JoAnn Callaway.  I can say from experience that is always a challenge.  We want to “Wow” them with our thoughtful and unique present because that is what they would do.

Well, I can say this year they hit the jackpot.  Anyone who knows JoAnn and Joseph, know they are patriotic to their core.  They celebrate the Spirit of America in every area of their lives.  One thing they have wanted for a very long time is a flag pole in the front yard of their office.

Sure enough, Christmas came and the wonderful employees put up a high quality, permanent flag pole with “Old Glory” flying high.  JoAnn and Joseph were thrilled with their gift and have since had lighting installed.

So If you are in our neighborhood, drive by and give our flag a wave…

Chances are it will be waving back!


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