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The Boys of Summer Are Back!

Can you feel it?!  Just a few short weeks until spring but it’s already starting in the Valley of the Sun.  One of the sure fire signs of a change in the seasons is the start of Spring Training and at Those Callaways, we are baseball fans.  For many years we’ve followed the sport and look forward every time to a fantastic outcome for our home team… The Arizona Diamondbacks.

Now, they are not the only team to see in this area. We have 10 Spring Training stadiums all over the Valley representing 15 different teams, forming the Cactus League.  People from all across the country come to Phoenix and surrounding areas just for the thrill of the game and a chance to see their favorite teams and players in person to cheer them on. Getting an official John Hancock from your favorite player on a piece of memorabilia is an added bonus! Even Facebook wants to get into the game by making a deal with MLB.  If it’s true, I hear you’ll be able to stream one Major League game a week on Facebook.

If you don’t enjoy the game of baseball, then you won’t understand this statement but it’s very exciting at the games, even Spring Training.  It’s a wonderful day outside and a great way to enjoy the Arizona weather.  We cannot wait to see who’s healthy or in the “zone” and hitting like never before.  When all the players are feeling good and working well together, it’s simply magical to see.  I have to admit that another good thing about the game is the food.  Each stadium has a unique blend of what you might call “Baseball Food” and I love to try something different every time we go.

Back to the home team…Let’s go Diamondbacks!  You just had a big shakeup in the coaching and what about that ace pitcher Zack Greinke.  He sure looks promising for the team this year.  We made some good trades and we can always count on “Goldy”.

Now my husband told me some of that, but you may want to consider that he has a big red “A” with a halo on his truck so we may not be able to count on his analysis to be unbiased.




Spring Training

“It was perfect weather last weekend! A little sun, a little grass and maybe a nap is always a good time.”

 – Lisa Beth, Facebook

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