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The Salvation Army Officers of The Southeast Region Meeting Minutes

9-30-2015    Joseph and JoAnn Callaway address the Southeast Command for The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.  In attendance were 68 Senior Officers led by Lt. Colonel Mark Bell and his wife Alice.  Also in attendance were Robert Stutts, Director of Development with ARC Command and Jon Lee with The Richards Group Advertising Agency.  It was an exciting meeting with discussions of Real Estate for Rehabilitation and what it can mean to the ARC’s in the Southeast.

All attendees received a First Edition two-signed copy of “Clients First, the Two Word Miracle”.  They were encouraged to use the extra copy to share with an influential real estate agent in their city as a door opener to the Real Estate for Rehabilitation movement. 

For a full list of the cities in the Southeast served,  click here: ARC Areas

Of particular interest was the announcement that Real Estate for Rehabilitation had been approved by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) as a worthy cause – the first such approval of a non-profit by this esteemed organization.  ALTA holds its annual convention in Boston, MA next week, October 7 – 10, and attending title executives from all over the country will be introduced to the effort.

Joseph and JoAnn spoke for about 45 minutes, telling their story of creating Real Estate Wednesdays and now Real Estate for Rehabilitation.  “We are so proud of our industry.” Said JoAnn, “It is filled with good hearts.”.

The spoke of their mission to marry the Home Ownership industry with The Salvation Army, “Our unifying theme is We who sell the American Dream giving back to those living the American Nightmare.” Said Joseph.  “It’s awful to be hungry, homeless, or addicted anywhere in the world, but to be hurting in this great land of plenty, you are living an American Nightmare.”.

A highlight of the day was when the Colonel awarded the Callaways “Champion of the ARC” which will hang at the Atlanta Command Headquarters.

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