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Super Agent Reviews; Lester Cox

Super Agent Reviews

Here is another great “Super Agent” review from our esteemed advanced reader group:

I have read all but the last few pages and it is absolutely a work of art, filled with super important points and so easy for anyone to understand. If the agent is new, it’s a primer, if the agent is a seasoned veteran; it’s an awesome refresher course. I was so excited reading it and making notes of some of the most basic ideas and principles that I had just forgotten to keep top of mind. Light bulbs were going off on every page it seemed.

Congratulations on a real estate masterpiece. So proud to have you as close friends. Love to you both. I have finished and other than the few places where information is not filled in (sure you know those places) I would not change a darn thing. You can feel the humility you guys have oozing from the pages. So absolutely refreshing to read a book of learning but reads like a novel. I love that I can let it fall open to any page and start reading from that point. You guys are amazing and so gifted and so damned genuine. Tell JoAnn to let me know and I’ll bring the Kleenex and we can have a crying party; your book is that damned good, I’ll be crying with joy.

Lester Cox, Pacific Arizona Realty, Inc.

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