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Super Agent Reviews; John Foltz

 Super Agent Reviews

Here is another great “Super Agent” review from our esteemed advanced reader group:

“After decades of teaching, training, motivation, and supervising great Realtors, it is refreshing and delightful to read a step by step manual recounting how Those Callaways built an extraordinary business from humble beginnings. This is a guide for the beginner, the Realtor at the tipping point of their career, and for the team evolving into a Super Team. Super Agent guides the agent to believe, to decide, and to do the things that put the Clients First and grow their business organically. This is a must read for real estate agents at any stage of their growth in business. It is fun, interesting and really an instructive guide.”

John Foltz, MBA, CRB, Vice President, Homeowners Financial Group,

The Care Fund Chairman, REALTOR of the year for 2010,

Past President, of the Arizona Association of REALTORS

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